Best indoor birthday party places in Hoboken

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Best Indoor birthday party places in Hoboken

It’s that time of year again – planning your child’s birthday party. Families looking for the best indoor birthday party places in Hoboken have a lot to choose from for their child! Here is a roundup of the best indoor birthday party places in Hoboken. Once you settle on a location, the pressure is off! Don’t forget to enjoy yourself too – it’s a party, after all!

My Gym (720 Monroe Street, Hoboken)
For the little gymnast in your life, My Gym has potential to offer the best indoor birthday party place in Hoboken for your active children who want nothing more than to play with their friends on their birthday! The location offers three different packages to choose from depending on how many guests will be at the party and how much planning you’re looking to have them do for you. Everything is offered from food, to cake cutting, to treating your little one like a star.

ArteVino Studio (720 Monroe Street, Hoboken)
Do you have a little artist in your life? If your child is requesting an art-themed party, then ArteVino is one of the best indoor birthday party places in Hoboken for you. The entire facility can be rented out for your birthday child and their friends to enjoy a private lesson (your child can even pick the painting beforehand) along with food, cake and even a cleanup service. Add-ons such as face painting, decorations for the space, and even more time for the guests to finish their masterpieces are available as well.

Just 4 Kids Salon & Birthday Party Boutique (720 Monroe Street, Hoboken)
If your child loves all things pampering, look no further than Just 4 Kids Salon! This is one of the best indoor birthday party places in Hoboken for your little one who loves to feel like a super star getting ready to walk the red carpet! The salon has so many birthday party packages and themes that you’ll have a lot of fun including your birthday girl in on the planning. Everything from a spa theme, to karaoke, to Alice in Wonderland, this location excels in kids and giving them a great time. If you have boys on your guest list, they feel more than included with temporary tattoos, face painting and Xbox gaming available as add-ons.

Kidville (1202 Shipyard Lane, Hoboken)
Winner, winner! One of the best indoor birthday party places in Hoboken, according to Parents magazine, is Kidville. This location boasts gym, art, and music activities all in a couple hours for your child’s party guests. Go with a pre-packaged theme like Circus, Pop Art, or Construction, or set up a free consultation to plan a specific theme for your child.

Hoboken Cinemas (409-415 14th Street, Hoboken)
Lights, camera, action! Get special reserved seating at the movies, complete with popcorn and snacks, for your child and their guests. After the movie, the party space is all yours to decorate and enjoy a meal and/or cake for the birthday child! The room is a blank canvas, parents would need to provide decorations and food for this portion of the party. The movie theater is a great indoor birthday party place in Hoboken since it doesn’t even feel like you’re missing anything by not being outside.

Edge Hoboken (417 Newark Street, Hoboken)
Are you looking for an indoor blank canvas for your birthday kid and their friends to play? Edge offers rentals of their open spaces in two hour time blocks, along with access to their indoor basketball court. Their loft space is particularly beautiful, with views of the NYC skyline.

Puppetonia (510 Washington Street, Hoboken)
Your youngest birthday kids will enjoy this very unique space that provides a music and puppet show for the party guests. Rent out the accompanying bookstore as an add-on, and each child will get a book as a party favor! As far as indoor birthday party places in Hoboken goes, this is one of the most unique for your toddlers and pre-school age children.

Jubilee Center of Hoboken (601 Jackson Street, Hoboken)
If you’re in need of a blank space for your child’s birthday party, you can rent out the Jubilee Center for a very reasonable fee, and support a great cause at the same time. All proceeds go to their after school and summer programs for underserved children. This works for families who want to have a performer, magician or music class for their child’s birthday party.

Urban Jungle Play (1140 Maxwell Lane, Hoboken)
Urban Jungle offers birthday party packages that make a child’s birthday party an experience to remember! Learning through play, whether it’s arts and crafts, music or storytelling, this is one of the best indoor birthday party places in Hoboken for your little ones and their guests if you’re looking for a party to remember.

Romparoo (537 Park Avenue A, Hoboken)
Don’t miss the fun at Romparoo, one of the best indoor birthday party places in Hoboken for your toddlers and pre-school age children who like to move and shake! They even have an option to host a Sunday Brunch birthday party, which is so much fun for families and easy to layer in to other activities on the weekends. Add-ons include puppet shows, a painting table, and other crafting activities.

Sky Club Fitness & Spa (125 Marshall Street, Hoboken)
The best way to have a pool party and not have to worry about the weather! Sky Club Fitness and Spa offers kids birthday parties complete with pool time and water activities. Everything is safely guarded by aquatics staff members. Kids love the idea of swimming indoors all year round, making this a really great choice for indoor birthday party places in Hoboken

Mad Science Kid’s Lab (720 Monroe Street, Hoboken)
If your birthday kid is into science, look no further than Mad Science Kid’s Lab! This is one of the best indoor birthday party places in Hoboken for kids who love to experiment. They can learn about science through play and experimentation, and even take home their slimy creation at the end of the party. Packages vary depending on the kind of science experiment your child wants to do at his birthday party.

Bricks 4 Kidz (720 Monroe Street)
If you have a Lego-obsessed kid, make sure that they have their birthday party at Bricks 4 Kidz, an indoor space to build, design and create! Bricks 4 Kidz is dedicated to introducing STEM at an early age through play. This is a really great choice for indoor birthday party places in Hoboken for kids who love to use their hands to create. Pick a personalized package that includes a Lego themed birthday cake and a mini figure for kids to take home!

M Avery Designs (720 Monroe Street, Hoboken)
Does your child love to make things by hand that they can wear, play with, or give as gifts? Then look no further than M Avery Designs, where your child can be the guest of honor at their very own sewing party! Kids will love that they can learn to make something for themselves and take it home, and parents can bring in food, cake and drinks that their child likes best.

EAT Metal (720 Monroe Street, Hoboken)
Jewelry making is such a rare and exciting idea for a birthday party and this place delivers a great time with a DIY project that’s easy for all kids ages 8-18 to follow along with! Parents are responsible for food, cake, drinks and decorations – the focus is on the bling, which party guests get to take home when they are finished. One of the best indoor birthday party places in Hoboken for parents who want their kid’s party guests to go home with a trinket to remember the day by.

The Crop Shop (720 Monroe Street, Hoboken)
The Crop Shop is one of the most unique indoor birthday party places in Hoboken. The creative space offers three different birthday party packages – arts & crafts, pottery, and soap making. If your child wants a unique experience for their birthday, and to learn a few new things that they can treasure forever, then this is going to be a party to remember. Party guests bring home their creations, the guest of honor gets to decide what to make that day and personalizes it to their personal style.



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